For cooks as well as gardeners, why not plant a herb container for summer recipes? Herbs are easy to grow and benefit from regular trimming, which will produce more young shoots. Lots of herbs are also good to pep up your normal salad leaves.

Feed your containers weekly with a liquid fertilizer and stand hanging baskets down in a sheltered spot if it is windy, as they can dry out very quickly.

Leeks can be planted out as potatoes are lifted. Dig the area over and incorporate some organic matter. Make a hole with a dibber (about 10 cms deep) and place the young plant into it. The stems will then grow to fill the hole and be tender and white!

If you have grown shallots, these can be lifted now. Choose a dry day and leave the bulbs with their roots exposed to the sun for a few days, before storing.

Apply a liquid lawn weed and feed, available from us at Ransons, to keep the grass in good condition and if the weather is dry, raise the height of your lawnmower blades and cut less often.

Rambling Roses can be pruned once they have flowered. Tip back young growths and tie in for next year’s flowers. Remove some old wood from established plants if they need to be brought under control!

A few stems of Sweet Peas will scent a room and the more you pick, the more are produced! Remember to check for any stems that you may have missed and remove these as well.

Once they have finished flowering, clumps of Flag Iris can be divided. Trim the leaves and replant the rhizomes in well drained soil, so that the tops are exposed to the sun. Enjoy your garden this month – perhaps with a cool drink flavoured with some of those herbs!